CCTV:新闻联播介绍CCG研究成果, 王辉耀主任接受采访    
Huiyao Wang was Interviewed by CRI Teahouse
(2012-01-31 10:32)

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• Thousand Foreign Talents Program

You are one of the first batches of Chinese who studies MBA in the west in 1980s. What was it like to study abroad back then?

Not many people would like to return to China at that time. Why did you decide to return to China then?

I can still remember your book "My Experience in East and West". What information did you want to convey to the audience back then?

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• Are You a Foreign Talent?

Many people complain that China has spent a large amount of money on so-called "foreign experts", some of whom are second or third rate in their chosen fields. What is your comment on this?

In the era of globalization of talents movement, what do you think are the key elements talents will consider when they decide where to work?

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• Why Come to China

What attracts top-level foreign talents to China? Money? Opportunities? Anything else?

In one of your keynote speeches, you said for some foreign talents who are of crucial importance to China's development, we should pay them repeated visits to invite them here. What are their major concerns in not coming to work in China?

What kind of living and working environments can they expect if these foreign talents decide to come to China?

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