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South China Global Talent Institute

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    South China Global Talent Institute established in Guangzhou on December 20th, 2012. As the core city in Southern China and the third largest city after Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou has the most overseas Chinese.  In recent years, Guangzhou implemented a series of effective measures to introduce talents form both home and abroad and carry out international talent strategy and independent innovation.
    One year ago, Li Yuanchao, Member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC(Vice President  now)put forward a strategic plan to establish the South Startup Service Center of ‘Thousands Talents Program’ on his visit to Guangzhou. On October 26th, 2012, approved by the Central Personnel Work Coordination Group,the South Startup Service Center was established in Guangzhou. As an important part of the South Startup Service Center, the South China Global Talent Institute was formally established On December 20th, 2012.
    The Director of South China Global Talent Institute is Dr. Wang Huiyao, who is the Director General of Center for China & Globalization and Vice Chairman of China Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA), Vice Chairman of China International Economic Cooperation Society of Ministry of Commerce and Vice Chairman of China Talent Research Society of Ministry of Human Resources & Social Security in China, a Senior Visiting Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School.
    The establishment of South China Global Talent Institute will preferably contribute to the study and development of overseas talents in China. In future decades, China must face the great challenge of transformation and upgrading, and China urgently needs new ideas and new countermeasures to integrate more overseas talents to make suggestions.
    At present, China has a large international talent resource abroad. There are more than 1,000 professors and experts with Chinese background in the world top 100 universities which is similar to a large amount of foreign citizen of Chinese origin in top 500 Companies. Besides, a large number of professional associations of overseas students and innovative talents are working abroad, including more than 300,000 entrepreneurial Chinese companies in United States.
    However, as China nowadays did not establish an international talent platform, the establishment of South China Global Talent Institute could give play to the brain-intensive advantage of overseas high-end talent in order to attract overseas talent to give intellectual support in the field of sustainable development, education, science and technology etc.
    In future, South China Global Talent Institute will devote itself to invite international experts on talent at home and abroad to establish top-level committee for international talents in order to become the best platform for international talents exchange and the leading think tank to promote the internationalization of China's talents. Through holding project research, forum, international seminar and publishing books and reports, South China Global Talent Institute will make suggestion for china and promote ‘The Strategy of Reinvigorating China through Human Resource’ with world vision.




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