China Global Talent Society(CGTS)is a national international talent research organization approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and guided by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China and China Talent Research Society. CGTS is aimed at promoting development of international talent, giving advice on China’s international talent development, recommending high-level global talents to governments, institutions and enterprises, reinforcing domestic and foreign international talent communication and exchanges, serving the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development. Furthermore, CGTS organizes experts of international talent theory, researches on relevant hot and difficult issues including international talent cultivation, talent development, talent utilization, talent circulation and competition and enhance communication, contact and exchange of global talents at home and abroad.

China Global Talent Society held inaugural meeting on June 30, 2013. Wang Xiaochu-Vice Minister of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Committee of National People’s Congress, Ma Wenpu-former Vice Minister of International Department, Central Committee of CPC and President of China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation, Ma Songde-Ex Vice Minister of Ministry of Ministry of Science and Technology and Vice-Chairman of Western Returned Scholars Association, Li Youwei-President of China Talent Research, Zhang Jingan-President of China Association of Science and Technology Industrial Parks, Zhang Zhian-Director of Talent Bureau of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Li Jinsheng-Deputy Director of Skill Department of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Xia Wenfeng-Director of China Service Center for Overseas Students and Experts, Wu Jiang-President of Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, Yuan Junling-Director of Talent Department of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, etc. inaugurated or witnessed the ceremony for the establishment of China International Committee for Talent Development.

Cultivation, competition and research of international talents play an increasingly important role in the national development in an era of talent globalization. Developed countries in Europe and America constantly adjust talent and immigration policies and strengthen attracting international talents, making international talents the most valuable sources for which various countries look for. With this background, China shall enhance research on global talents, expand communication of international talents and promote development of global talents in China to become a country full of international talents.

Therefore, the establishment of China Global Talent Society helps to promote research on relevant hot and difficult issues concerning international talents, strengthen communication of international talents home and abroad, eliminate barrier for flow of international talents, improve overall level of talents in the competition and enhance international level of talents in communication and cooperation. Furthermore, the establishment of China Global Talent Society will gather more international talents and experts, constantly organize research into theory, enhance communication of international talents, publish more research findings, promote innovation and perfecting of policies concerning international talents, draw international talents to develop in China and make contributions to career and research of international talents development of China.

China Global Talent Society is provided with a batch of international senior advisory group, academic advising committee and specially invited researchers. Many of them have doctorate, overseas studying and working experiences and have abundant research achievement. In addition, all of the members in the advisory group are the excellent research specialist of talent in the world and engage in studies of international talents or related work in overseas for a long time. And some overseas establishments have certain authority in the world. For example the International Organization for Migration controls the flow of global talent. Another example, International Society of Executive Search is the most authoritative and largest international executive search organization and its members can be found everywhere and has established more than 50 years. These organizations have cooperation in many aspects with the newly founded China International Committee for Talent Development.

The International Brain-Trust of China Global Talent Society consists of 7 experts, including Par Liljert – DG Special Envoy & Head of Liaison Office. Denis Fred Simon – PhD Vice Provost for International Strategic Initiatives,Arizona State University. John P. R. Benson – Managing Director of International of Dice Holdings, Inc. Yuen Pau WOO – President and CEO of Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. David Zweig – Associate dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Howard Duncan – Executive Head of Metropolis Project. Peter M. Felix – President of Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

China Global Talent Society consists of 15 experts engaging in public policy, public system and other fields related to the studies of talent in China for many years, such as XueLan – Dean of the Institute of Public Administration, Tsinghua University. Dong Keyong – Dean of the Institute of Public Administration, Renmin University. Hu Wei - Dean of the Institute of Public Administration, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Yao Xianguo –Dean of the Institute of Public Administration, Zhejiang University. Xiao Mingzheng – Director of the Public Administration Department of the School of Government, Peking University. DuanPeijun –Director of Strategic Research Office in the Party School of the CPC Central Committee. Lin Zeyan – Director of Policy Research Office in All China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Liu Guofu – Professor of Law School in Beijing Institute of Technology.

China Global Talent Society is provided with a professional “Management Team”. The president and vice-presidents elected in this inaugural meeting are almost PhDs studying in Europe and America or Japan and have outstanding achievements in the studies of talent after coming back to China as well as published many influential books in talent which contains many relevant issues for the nation and regions.

Dr. Wang Huiyao is elected president of China Global Talent Society. He once served for international talent strategy team of Central Committee of CPC and help drafted ‘China's National Middle and Long Term Talents Development Plan Outline (2010-2020)’with other experts. China Global Talent Society also has 6 elected Vice President, including Wang Zhenyao-Dean of Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute. Wang Zhen-deputy director of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Wang Boqing-president of MyCOS Data. Zhang Lei Founder & CEO of Hillhouse Capital Management. Li Shan Independent Director of SouFun Holdings Ltd and Li Shuguang professor of China University of Politics and Law.

China Global Talent Society brought together most authoritative talent experts and scholars at home and abroad. Those experts and scholars coming from different fields have a common vision to strengthen the international talent study and serve for international talent team construction.